User Guide-Mobile
• Welcome to HILO Mobile application, an ultimate and easy to use application for sports betting. The software is a standalone program that connects your mobile directly to Bet fair’s API server.

• HILO provides you with the ability to place bets in a number of different ways quickly and easily. Please be aware that this program makes no claims to make you money, there simply is no way to ‘get rich quick’ through gambling.

• If you can’t afford to lose then don’t gamble. It’s important that you understand that HILO is just a tool that can aid you in applying different betting strategies and placing bets very efficiently.

• We would encourage you to start off with small stakes until you become more experienced. You are urged to familiarize yourself with the program’s interface, settings and options before attempting to place bets in any way. Please take a moment to read through the rest of the User Manual which will explain how to use all the features of the program.