Realtime New High New Low Stakes Of Each Runner.
Charts with crossover in Candlesticks Hi-lo Gives you an experience of analysing the runners movement very closely as when the Charts intercept each other so u can take an appropriate decison on your actions.
The advanced feature displays you the realtime movement on every 5 secs which gives you an actual visual where the match is having a turnaround.
Hi-lo is for all types of traders who are lazy enough to calculate and believe in visual formations of price movemets.
We dont claim One click As if you are a serious trader,you will analyze the situation check the charts, check the New Hi New Low which takes a couple of clicks Huh!!! Is that difficult to make consistent profits?
Well!! Though the application is the fastest and we have one click options as well but lets be true.
Our main intenetion for this application is that Hi-lo helps you to strategize- minimize loss and maximize profits.
Unique Tools
Training mode Test all of your strategies without risking your money, using real data from the exchange as a simulation.
Tools for Horse Races Access all the available information about the jockey and the horses, besides a special chart showing the evolution of the odds of every horse since the opening of the market.
Advanced Interfaces Access the most commonly used interfaces by bettors and traders:
  • Grid
  • Multi-bet
  • Advanced Chart Interface
Dutching and Bookmaking
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